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Embracing the counter-hegemonic movement away from empirical political science, this new series capitalizes on developments in performance politics, activism and the creative arts, seeking to understand how politics is expressed, enacted and consumed in different modes and different media.

The series offers short, punchy books, focused on exploring, analysing and participating in the space of intersection between the fields of politics and the arts, embracing the creative and critical richness of the various ways in which these areas interact.

The series includes both case studies and theoretical considerations of the scope and practice of the political arts. Books may be organised around theoretical or methodological explorations of the field as a whole, or they may focus on the performance of particular arts (for example theatre, graffiti, videogames or jazz), on categories of arts (for example visual or audio arts) or on movements in a particular historical or cultural context. Where possible, instances of the art-form under discussion will be included in the book or online as supporting material.

The series objective is to establish a presence for the Political Arts in the scholarly and public discourse, providing a platform for critique, intervention and collaboration between intellectuals, practitioners and scholars.


Chris Goto-Jones
Professor of Comparative Philosophy & Political Thought,
Leiden University, The Netherlands

Cissie Fu
Assistant Professor in Political Theory,
Leiden University, The Netherlands

series board

Ian Bogost
Georgia Institute of Technology, USA
Iain Borden
University College London, UK
Judith Butler
University of California, Berkeley, USA
Rey Chow
Duke University, USA
Alex Danchev
St Andrews University, UK
John Frow
University of Sydney, Australia
Yuriko Furuhata
McGill University, Canada
Lisa Gitelman
New York University, USA
Frans-Willem Korsten
Leiden University, The Netherlands
Song Hwee Lim
Chinese University of Hong Kong, HK
Joyce C.H. Liu
National Chiao-Tung University, Taiwan
Martin Puchner
Harvard University, USA
Shirin Rai
University of Warwick, UK
Kristin Ross
New York University, USA
Alan Tansman
University of California, Berkeley, USA

call for proposals

We welcome new proposals for the series: single or co-authored volumes of approximately 50,000 words. Authors are encouraged to think provocatively about their subjects and to write for the widest possible audience, while maintaining high scholarly standards. Suggested areas include:

Performing Politics • Political Thought and Activism • Activating Architecture: Living in Political Space • Gaming the City: Parkour as Politics • Critical Theory and Videogames • Graphics, Violence and Politics • Graffiti as Political Action • Movies and the Screening of Politics • Painting the Political • Symphonic and Social Movements • Hip Hop Politics • Dressing to Kill: the Politics of Fashion

General proposal guidelines can be found on the website of Bloomsbury Academic. Initial enquiries or completed book proposals may be submitted to the Series Editor or the Commissioning Editor at Bloomsbury:

Chris Goto-Jones

Caroline Wintersgill

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