+HIP, The Hague in Pictures, is an online magazine for street photo-graphics (photography, art, graphics). It is focused on life in the city of The Hague -- the UN city of International Peace & Justice. +HIP publishes images from the streets of the city, submitted by the people who live in them, or from denizens of the The Hague who seek to bring their further explorations back into the heart of this cosmopolitan city.
Each year, +HIP also publishes a luxury, large-format annual of the best images of the year: The +HIP Collection. The best images are awarded a prize.

+HIP issues

issue 2, 2012 | Figur{in}es The Hague - CALL CLOSED

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Submission Details

This special, themed issue of +HIP calls upon the people of The Hague to photograph, sketch, paint or otherwise (re)present figures or figurines in and around the city. These could be statues, dioramas, lego-people, or anything else that can be (or has been) placed in a place or a space with some significance for war, peace, justice, sustainability, capital.

LEGO have generously agreed to sponsor this issue of +HIP. The have provided a number of sets of LEGO to be used to create scenes and installations in The Hague as well as a number of LEGO-figures to be used with all due significance in any location in the city.

Deadline: CLOSED (30 September 2012)
Categories for submissions: war, peace, justice, sustainability, capital
Media accepted: photographs, graphics, cartoons, art
Prize for best photograph or artwork: Wacom Graphics Tablet

issue 1, august 2012 | inaugural edition

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About this issue

In this inaugural issue, the result of submissions made in the first months of 2012, the city of The ­Hague is portrayed through the categories of people, places, movement and things; we see some of The Hague's defining venues, details of buildings and construction sites, people engaging with the city, and people disengaging with the city. We were especially interested to see the range and breadth of images produced, including some which situated themselves in the space between photography and graphic design. Our winner even made use of his own, custom-made camera to create such strikingly original cityscapes. At the exhibition of the images in the famous Pulchri Studios on the Lange Voorhout, it was great to see how people other than the photographers could then engage with the pictures; examples of their creative defacements are also included here.

The inaugural edition of +HIP can be viewed online via Issuu

The original call for this Inaugural issue is here.

winners inaugural edition

Panagiotis Tomaras
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This amazing picture, which was submitted in the ‘places’ category, was taken by Panagiotis Tomaras on a special, home-made camera. Panagiotis, who was present at our opening event on 18 February, won a Canon Powershot SX230. You can see the full-size image if you click on the picture. Remember to acknowledge PAI and Panagiotis if you steal it …
runner up
Jori Wefer
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This exciting image, ‘The Hague Deciphered,’ was created by LUC student, Jori Wefer, utilizing captured letters from around the city. Jori won a copy of the innovative book, ‘The Art of Looking Sideways,’ by Alan Fletcher. You can see the full-size image if you click on the picture. Remember to acknowledge PAI and Wefer if you steal it …

For more details about the PAI opening event at which both winners of this first +HIP contest were announced, go here.

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