PAI launch event

The inaugural event of the (then called) Political Arts Initiative took place in The Pulchri Studio in The Hague on 18 February 2012.
We were delighted that so many people attended, including staff and students from various institutions around the city, the city-counsellor for education, Ingrid van Engelshoven, and host of others, including many who were simply drawn in off the street by all the commotion.
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inaugural +HIP competition

Attendees and participants were encouraged to engage with the entries submitted for the first +HIP issue and other arts that formed part of the programme; some people took this engagement very literally. The annotated versions of the photographs will be included in the +HIP magazine along with the original images.
The winners of the inaugural +HIP competition, Panagiotis Tomaras (winner) and Jori Wefer (runner up) were announced right at the start of the event. Their pictures can be seen on the +HIP page.

launch specials

The launch of PAI was also enriched by a moving and powerful performance by Miguel Peres dos Santos and his group from the Royal Academy, who delivered an innovative installation concerned with war, terror and rights. There was a lecture about the use of imagery in Buddhist philosophy and social commentary by Chris Goto-Jones. And, finally, an astonishing jazz performance by Genzo Okabe and family … from the Royal Conservatoire.

We very much look forward to many more exciting events of this nature in the future, and we’d like to thank all those involved on this launch event for making it such a great occasion.

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