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On 20 September 2012, at the opening of Leiden University’s new Academy Building in The Hague, the Political Arts Initiative presented the First Fit of its manifesto. The document is intended to be a dynamic one, subject to revision, elaboration and/or summary destruction as PAI develops. Indeed, there are already two slightly varied versions: the one actually presented on 20/9/12 and the one subsequently prepared for this website. If we count the text only version hereunder, then there are already three … We hope and expect that new versions will be rendered periodically, based on feedback, engagement, and other processes of change.
For now, though, we stand full-square behind our currently definitive version, here.

Discussion about it can be launched with PAI itself or with our community via the imag-e-nation blog.

In naked text:

1. The misconception of politics as a science, not only (but also) today, depoliticizes the political animal and dehumanizes the enterprise of politics.
2. The political sciences are ossified pseudo-sciences from the nineteenth century; the twenty-first century university must recover politics as a liberal art.
3. Political science is the handmaiden of the nation-state; political arts reclaim politics for the people.
4. Art changes people; man is the political animal and the aesthetic monster, creating forces that transform self and society.
5. Political arts are modern magic.
6. When computers can practise politics they will deliberately lose at chess in order to win (in) life.
7. It’s better to be beautiful than ugly, even if only from an aesthetic point of view.
8. The medium is not the message, but it provides a cluster of enabling conditions for meaning, intention, action, and impact.
9. Technological change provides opportunities for new meanings, not merely the power to render more diverse meanings into data; datafication of people is violence.
10. If you can dance your argument, I believe you mean it.
11. If a picture can express a thousand words, it is simply a form of short-hand. Pictures do not speak words, they speak pictures.
12. If we use art to represent political ideas, we are engaged in political illustration not political art.
13. Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 is more important than War and Peace.

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