In keeping the with the ethos of the Political & Philosophical Arts as encompassing myriad creative forms, both within and outside the academy, the Political & Philosophical Arts Initiative seeks to support and showcase artistic intersections with the political and philosophical. Hence, PAI promotes readings by novelists and poets, performances by singers, dancers and dramatists, installations and other artistic productions. In addition (and in particular), PAI aims to assist students from all of the institutions in The Hague to understand and implement the political and philosophical arts through practice.

Ideas and proposals for such events can be submitted to the PAI organizers; some funding may be available to support such initiatives.

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Rethinking the Basics for the 21st Century
February 2015
location tbc
time tbc

Symposium and discussion series on the value, meaning, and production of labour in the public, private, and artistic domain.

Stay tuned for more details!
An experimental play for International Women's Day
March 2015
location tbc
time tbc

With vocalisations of and conversations among Emma Goldman, Rosa Luxemburg, Ayn Rand, and Hannah Arendt.
Towards a 21st-century vision for expressions of anarchism and collectivism in politics and philosophy.

Stay tuned for more details, and e-mail us if you want to contribute to this project!
Documentary Series
April - May 2015
location tbc
time tbc

A critical documentary series, with evening screenings and discussions of reflexive documentaries which are critical of the genre itself.
Exploring the politics of form, content, production, representation, and dissemination.

Stay tuned for more details!

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