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the Political Arts Initiative launch event
february 2012
Pulchri Studio, The Hague
14-17 hrs

We are delighted to announce that the inaugural event in the Political Arts Initiative will take place in the famous Pulchri Studio, the society of artists established in 1847.
All are welcome to attend this afternoon event, which will include refreshments and plenty of time for socializing with others interested in the Political Arts agenda. The photographs entered into the first +HIP competition will be on display, as will other forms of graphic expression.
Political Arts Mash-Up@LUC
may 2012
LUC The Hague
14-17 hrs

Leiden University College The Hague opens its doors on the afternoon of 12 May 2012 to host the second public event of the Political Arts Initiative.
This exciting event features the call for submission for the +HIP Summer 2012 issue, Shostakovich' 8th string octet, a Movers'n'Shakers discussion of the art of noises and a lecture by David Pocknee on national subsidies for the arts
Futurism Feast
November 2012
17.00 - 19.50 hrs

Whatever you may think of Futurist painting, sculpture, music, architecture, and cinema--and whether or not you have taste for it--join us for a multi-media journey through the founding and evolution of this 1909 movement!
In addition to our reading group discussion of Marinetti's Manifesto, this Wednesday afternoon will host also a set of activities inspired by Futurism, including an illustrative lieder recital, curated and performed by soprano Jennifer Elaine Young, +HIP photo art and announcement of the prize photograph for the issue on Figur{in}es The Hague, and more.
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National Subsidies and the Performing Arts Explained | David Pocknee, composer, researcher
march 2012
LUC The Hague
16-18 hrs

David Pocknee, a composer and researcher, will explain how Dutch national subsidies for the performing arts are organised and how such redistribution reaches individual composers, ensembles, and performance venues. Following this presentation, he will share some personal conclusions on how this system of organisation affects the arts, the ethics of its production, and its future horizons, with discussion afterwards.
On the Choreography of a Protest | Ana Smarada Nemnaru, KABK
april 2012
LUC The Hague
16-18 hrs

If social movements manifested in public space can be envisioned as disruptions of everyday life, they can be related to play and art – performance. A protest can be read as choreography of bodies in space. If this would be a play, what are the roles/ characters that emerge on this scene? How does movement happen and how does it contribute in asserting functions to a public space? What are the implications of surrendering an individual voice to a collective body and how does it relate to representation politics in democratic systems?
Otherness: Western European Colonial Dialectics through Propaganda and Testimony | Miguel Peros de Santos, KABK
may 2012
KABK, The Hague
14-16 hrs

Departing from a video editing of a video documentation of a performance, the description that Ranciére gives of relational art. The redistribution of bodies, images, spaces and times. The two main modus of Aesthetics according to Ranciére: the sublime and the relational and the concept of absolute other in his philosophical discourse. Speech versus discourse, a discussion on the true role of politics, and the possible role of art as political action.
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Dogme 95 + film screening
june 2012
College Lounge, LUC
14-17 hrs

Vinterberg's Festen (''The Celebration'') has arrived, and so we are on for our planned discussion and film screening this coming Monday, 25 June, 14:00 - 17:00 in the LUC College Lounge!

In preparation for our discussion of this particular cinematic revolution, do read the very short but highly controversial Dogme 95 Manifesto and its accompanying Vow of Chastity. If you decide to stay out of the storms this weekend, you will find some background to the first Dogme 95 film, which we will watch together on Monday afternoon, and some sociological, political, and aesthetic discussions of the Dogme 95 movement here.
The October Manifesto + film screening
October 2012
Campus The Hague Schouwburgstraat Auditorium
16.00 hrs

17 October 1905, St. Petersburg: Nicholas II signed a short declaration of reforms drafted by Witte, promising the people of Russia the civil freedoms of conscience, speech, assembly, and association. Where are we now, after a long century of revolutions and unrest?
We will follow our discussion of this manifesto on the improvement of the state order with a screening of Eisenstein's October: Ten Days that Shook The World--don't miss this master film-maker's celebration of the tenth anniversary of The October Revolution of 1917, with an original film score by Shostakovich. See you at 16:00 in the Schouwburgstraat Auditorium for this feast of political arts!
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The Communist Manifesto
September 2012
LUC College Lounge
19.00 hrs

Come one, come all! Let's shake off our aestivation and inspect the spectres of Marx and Engels through their (in)famous Communist Manifesto.
Bask in the rhetoric, poetry, and modernist sensibilities of this masterpiece, while taking issue with its revolutionary content, at 19:00 in the LUC College Lounge (sign up for the Movers'n'Shakers mailing list to keep up-to-date with logistics).
First Things First Manifesto
December 2012
Coffee Company, Noordeinde 54, The Hague
17.00 hrs

To round up our exploration of manifestos and wrap up 2012, we will hear the voice of graphic artists, visual communicators, designers, and architects et al. against the advertising world through the First Things First Manifestos of 1964 and 2000.
Meet us for drinks and discussion at 17:00 on Tuesday 18 December 2012 in the Coffee Company at Noordeinde 54, The Hague) to round off this Movers'n'Shakers season...and onwards to our next theme in 2013!
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Launch Political Arts Manifesto
September 2012
Campus The Hague Schouwburgstraat Auditorium
15.00 - 16.00 hrs

As part of the celebrations of the opening of Leiden University's new academy building on the Schouwburgstraat in The Hague, the PAI will launch the first version of its manifesto.

Because PAI is fortunate enough to be sponsored by LEGO for its second issue of the +HIP magazine, those of you who make it to the event may find yourselves in for a LEGO-sized treat.
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Dancing on the Edge | One (Wo)Man Show with Taher Najib
September 2012
Nutshuis, the Hague
20.00 hrs

Dancing on the Edge: a number of solo performances by high-profile performing artists from the Middle East and North Africa whose work often has a political character will be presented.

The first in the series will be an evening with the Palestinian playwright and actor, Taher Najib. Najib will give a lecture-performance titled ‘Political Theatre’. In 'Political Theatre' he will recite scenes and monologues from three of his own works,(‘Sea Wall’, ‘Both Upon a Time’, and ‘Spitting Distance’) and with them make a statement about political theatre in general. One of the questions which he will address is: ‘Do we as playwrights write political theatre because we live in a political atmosphere, or do we create that atmosphere by writing political work?’

Najib, a born storyteller, will give his own viewpoint and piquant commentary about big issues such as the Arab-Israeli conflict, the impact of 9/11, and the Western perception of Arab identity, the Arab Spring and Dutch society. Afterwards Najib will speak with Dr.Cissie Fu (Director of Studies and Assistant Professor of Political Theory at LUC The Hague) and the public as well as with a number of invited guests who deal with politics or political theater.
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ARTiculations: Redistributing the Sensible
September 2014
Paviljoensgracht 20-24, The Hague
14:00 - 17:00 hrs

Taking Jacques Rancière’s critical theory of political aesthetics as a point of departure, this seminar examines the evolution of what he provocatively coined “the distribution of the sensible”—the way in which politics, including those institutions which secure public order and safeguard systems of knowledge, confines social and cultural experiences by defining what can be seen, heard, smelt, felt, and tasted—and considers how art contributes to and challenges past and current politico-aesthetic regimes of visibility/invisibility, audibility/inaudibility, and sayability/unsayability. Supplemented by classical and contemporary philosophical perspectives on the senses, ranging from insights from Aristotle’s De Anima to Thomas Nagel’s “What is it like to be a bat?”, the seminar includes hypothetical and hands-on experiments to test and clarify our intuitions about the relationship between sensory input and human perception, the gaps between experience and explanation, and physical, virtual, and mental strategies for interacting with the world, ultimately towards recognising the sources of common sense and appreciating the potential for a 21st-century communal sense through art.

This seminar takes place prior to Hoogtij, a quarterly tour past cultural hotspots and art galleries in The Hague's city center.
This 38th edition of 'Hoogtij' starts with soup at 18:00 @ GEMAK.
Making Media that Matters: Storytelling in the Tablet Age
November 2012
LUC The Hague, Manor 0.2
16.00- 18.00 hrs

In this talk, Daniel Burwen, creative director of CIA: Operation Ajax, will give a retrospective of the process creating this groundbreaking graphic novel for the iPad, while examining other forms of new media coming out of the tablet space. Daniel will also explore the various culture barriers to media creators and storytellers in the digital age, and hopes to leave the audience inspired, curious and hungry to create.
Life at the End of Days: Philosophy and Apocalypse
December 2012
Nieuwspoort, The Hague
19.30 - 21.00 hrs

In association with the LUC Research Centre, PAI is excited to announce further details of the Christmas Lecture 2012 ... the first 'Philosophy at the end of the World' lecture.
The event promises to cross some boundaries between art and politics and philosophy, as well as between this life and the next.
All are welcome, not only to the lecture but also to the reception, 'Last Orders,' that follows.
The event starts at 19.30 at the Nieuwspoort in the centre of The Hague.
Burning Images, Hanging Dissent
November 2014
The Living Lab,
Leiden University Campus The Hague,
Schouwburgstraat 2, The Hague
18.00 - 20.00

A lecture by artist Florian Göttke, with a response by curator Brigitte van der Sande and a discussion with the audience moderated by philosopher Cissie Fu.
In collaboration with See You in The Hague, coinciding with Guy Fawkes Night.

Hanging or burning effigies as a sign of dissent is a longstanding and recurring practice in political protests, performed in demonstrations all over Europe, the Americas, the Middle East, North Africa, India and many other Asian countries. The practice is full of ambiguities and slippages, as the protesters readily incorporate influences and combine practices from various origins (annual purification rituals, carnival, formal justice, and communal shaming) for diverse purposes.

In his lecture Florian Göttke delineates the practice in US history from the burning in effigy of British tax officials and loyalists in the American Revolution until the hanging and burning of the last two US presidents Bush and Obama. Looking at this alternative history of effigy protests, one can easily trace the societal conflicts haunting the United States: the formation of the Union through the struggle against British rule, the abolition of slavery, the civil war, WWI, depression, WWII, civil rights issues, racial segregation, contentious wars overseas, and the current partisanship.

Enacting this performative practice, the protesters enter the discourse about the constitution of a just society, of legal and political legitimacy, political representation, the role of the citizens, and the possibilities of direct action. As the effigy practices are closely related to formal and informal justice, the lecture draws parallels with Sam Durant's work Scaffold and its subject, the iconic official executions by hanging in US history.

Free entry, with drinks to follow.
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The Gospel Project - final performance
November 2013
KABK Auditorium,
Prinsessegracht 4, The Hague
20.30 - 21.45 hrs

Come one, come all--unite for voices of resistance and emancipation! The final performance of the Gospel Project takes place in the Auditorium of the Royal Academy of Arts in The Hagueon the evening of Monday 4 November at 20:30. Student singers and actors from Leiden University College The Hague bring to life the historical and political context of the gospel tradition through song, dance, drama, and meditation. This powerful compendium of political artistry is free and open to all.
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Geo-caching in The Hague
February 2014

The Nutshuis joins forces with the Political & Philosophical Arts Initiative (PAI) for a visual and geographical adventure this winter in the City of Peace and Justice!
Kick off solo or in teams with the PAI geo-caching app on 8 February, rediscover and uncover this city at your own pace, and submit the gems of your journey as a photo-essay by 23 February. All entries will be published in the next issue of +HIP (The Hague in Pictures, the PAI street art magazine), with a selection to be exhibited in The Nutshuis in April 2014 and a surprise for the best documented treasure trip.

Get ready to define your own odyssey, and stay tuned at
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Gaming the City
April 2014
for details, please visit

The quality and character of urban space has long been the concern of city-planners and architects, striving to make versatile, functional, or even beautiful environments for people to work, shop, and live. Increasingly, urbanites have sought to re-appropriate these spaces for themselves, re-imagining and re-tasking structures, buildings, and layouts in creative or radical ways, transforming the city into a site of play.
As the finale to Geo-Caching The Hague, the Political and Philosophical Arts Initiative is delighted to welcome Iain Borden (Professor of Architecture & Urban Culture at University College London) and Dan Edwardes (Director of Parkour Generations) to offer keynote talks at the official opening of our geo-caching photo-exhibition at The Nutshuis on the early evening of 16 April 2014.
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4, 11, 18
Artist-in-Residence masterclasses
June 2014
10.00 - 13.00 hrs

Dr. Lien Fan Shen will share the political contexts, analytical frameworks, and artistic practices which shape her award-winning comic books and academic inquiry into gender identity, digital culture, and creative expression over three masterclasses. The series is free of charge, with all texts and art supplies provided, and welcomes students from all disciplines. While each session can be taken separately (N.B. pre-requisites for Masterclass III), active participation in all three masterclasses and the final residency exhibition (on Monday 30 June 2014) will be recognised with 1 EC granted by the Leiden University Honours Academy.
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Political Artist-in-Residence Masterclass Exhibition and Reception
September 2014
Leiden University East Asian Library
Arsenaalstraat 1, Leiden
17:00 - 19:00 hrs

The masterclass exhibition of the Political Artist Residency 2014 has moved from the Honours Academy to the East Asian Library of Leiden University and is on display from 1 September until the end of 2014.

To mark this move and the continued enjoyment of the manga created by Dr. Lien Fan Shen and her masterclass students this past summer, please join us for a festive opening and reception at the East Asian Library on Thursday 25 September from 17:00 - 19:00, with a short introduction to the exhibition at 17:30.
Artist-in-Residence public event & opening manga exhibition
June 2014
17.00 - 19.00 hrs

To celebrate the end of Dr. Lien Fan Shen's residency at Leiden University, you are cordially invited to join Dr. Shen and her masterclass students for a public event entitled "(Re)visualizing femininity/masculinity" followed by a festive reception to mark the opening of her final exhibition.
This exhibition is the outcome of the masterclasses at Leiden University,which inquires representation of femininity and masculinity in our society. Through creative processes, students are able to rethink their presuppositions, to revisit myths and misrepresentation, and thus to re-visualize Femininity and Masculinity in their work. Lien Fan Shen will talk about her concept to re-visualize masculinity and show her project in progress in the documentary: "Exploring Taiwanese female masculinity".

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