political & philosophical arts performances

The Political & Philosophical Arts Initiative organizes performances in Leiden and The Hague, to bring issues in the political and philosophical arts to the wider attention of the public.
The performances vary in conventional form and content. From lectures, workshops, musical performances, dance, video installations, to any other (un)conventional artistic manifestation needed to express the political and philsophical.

This page gives you information on series and (even more) special activities run by the Political & Philosophical Arts Initiative.
The PAI calendar shows when and where you can see and hear these and all other political arts performances in action soon. Or look on the past events page to see what PAI has done up till now.

workshop series | 2013

The Gospel Project

The Gospel Project is about exploring the power of music as a force for change. We are interested in music as communication, for the presentation of philosophical, political or religious ideas, for learning together and developing our performance skills with creativity and discipline.

The Gospel Project is an intensive six-week technical singing course that takes command over the physical, academic, creative, spiritual and social self. A choir will be formed that will build a small repertoire of Gospel music that will be performed at the end of the course. The aim is that every participant in the course will be inspired to take an active approach to the individual use of the voice, singing as a choral unit, engaging in all the elements of the course, and contributing their knowledge and enthusiasm throughout.
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workshop series | spring 2012

How do we, as a collective of citizens, occupy political space and time?
How is this political engagement distinct from your or my political action as an individual occupying the same political space and time?

The PA Workshop Series (hosted by the LUC Research Centre) takes these questions as a starting point and explore them through artistic avenues and practices, towards a more robust understanding of political expression.
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protest against the government in Bucharest January 19, 2012.
images: Reuters


A couple of times a year PAI brings a selection of political arts performances to the people of The Hague and beyond. Usually clustered around a theme (e.g. The Art of Noise or Futurism), these multiPAIs -a combination of sound and vision- are a 'must-go-to' for all interested in politics, arts and or political arts.

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