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The Political Arts Initiative offers summer courses for students who wish to expand their knowledge base and keep their grey cells active over the summer vacation. For immersive field experiences at the nexus of politics, arts, and technology, join us in thinking out of the box!

summerschool 2014 + Autumn Project 'Representation of Peace and Justice: Theatres of Memory in Sarajevo and The Hague'

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Course Convenors:
Dr. Cissie Fu (Assistant Professor of Political Theory, Leiden University)
Dr. Maja Vodopivec (Assistant Professor of Peace & Conflict Studies, Leiden University)

Sarajevo + The Hague

6 to 9 June 2014 - Peace Event Sarajevo 2014
2 June to 6 October 2014 - Project Work in The Hague

Course fees:
None, but participants should expect to self-fund the field trip, currently estimated at Euro 500

Application procedure:
The regular application round has closed. Thank you for your interest!
To mark the 100th anniversary of the start of WWI, which was triggered by the assassination of Franz Ferdinand in Sarajevo in June 1914, the Political and Philosophical Arts Initiative and World Class The Hague invite motivated students from the international capital of peace and justice for a theory, practice, research, and experience-driven summer school which will explore the history and politics of collective and cultural memory. How and what we remember are core to who we are, how we live, and what we do as individuals and communities. As the 21st century continues to pivot between peace and conflict and negotiate the significance and instruments of justice, the power of memory and the activity of recollection can create opportunities for understanding, dialogue, and reconciliation.

More details are in the document below:

Representing Peace and Justice 2014 - Call for summer school applicants [pdf]

summerschool 2012 'Artistic Activism'

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Instructors: Faculty drawn from LUC, KABK, KC, NYU, NY Centre for Artistic Activism, etc.

Course Convenor: Cissie Fu

Credits: 5 EC

Location: The Hague + New York

Duration: Preparatory activities in Semester 2, 25 - 29 June (The Hague), 2 - 6 July  (New York)

Course fees: none

Maximum number of students: 10 (of which up to 5 will be sponsored for the trip to New York)
Starting from the premise that human beings are political animals who disclose themselves to each other through speech and action, widely construed, this summer school explores the ways in which people interact with and compose political ideas and actions through the media of technology and artistic practice. The first part of the course, run in The Hague, inspects the aesthetic and technical aspects of political expression through video, interactive installations, and theatricals, so that students have the requisite understanding and skills to participate in the second leg of the course in New York, where they will engage in artistic activism--intellectually, socially, and practically--by contributing to the planning and staging of current activist campaigns in New York.

More details are in the documents below:

Information package Political Arts: Artistic Activism [pdf]

LUC Political Arts Summer School 2012 - Course syllabus [pdf]

Blog posts on the 2012 summer school can be found on 'Imag-e-nation', the political arts initiative blog: http://politicalarts.org/imagenation.php#

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