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Introduction to Political Arts Residency 2014

edited by Limo Baroud (BA Global Challenges: Political Arts, LUC Class of 2013)
Celebrating the launch of the inaugural Political Arts Residency at Leiden University, this work introduced an audience of students, academics, diplomats, and professionals on 2 December 2013 to the work and inspiration of our first Artist In Residence: Lien Fan Shen. The politics of sexuality, the complexities of gender (re)presentation, and the art of visualisation underpin the intellectual and practical fabric of the residency, as do post-colonial dynamics in the East Asian region and cultural subversions in and of Taiwan.

Lien will be hosted by the Honours Academy in Leiden during May and June 2014, with activities which promise to open eyes and minds. Do stay tuned about her residency at

CCTV in Operation

by Toko Mzarelua and Robert van Haaften (LUC The Hague students)
This short film premiered on Wednesday 7 November 2012 at PAI's Futurism Feast

Parade of Entries

submissions received for +HIP call nr 2
More information on +HIP, PAI's online magazine for street photo-graphics, is here.

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